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Package KeePass Edition Comparison

KeePass is available in two different editions: 1.x and 2.x. They are fundamentally different (2.x is not based on 1.x). Both editions run on Windows operating systems; KeePass 2.x additionally runs on Mono (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, etc.).

See also the Development Status FAQ.

Project KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
License Open Source software (GPL) Open Source software (GPL)
Cost Free Free
Active Development Yes Yes

Installation / Portability KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Supported Operating Systems Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Wine Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mono (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, ...)
Runs Without Installation Yes Yes
Runs From USB Stick Yes Yes
Full Unicode Support No Yes
Enhanced High DPI Support No Yes

Database Features KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Encryption Algorithms AES/Rijndael, Twofish AES/Rijndael, ChaCha20 (and with plugins: Twofish, Serpent, GOST, ...)
Prot. Against Dict. Attacks Yes (AES-KDF) Yes (AES-KDF, Argon2)
Compression None GZip (or none)
Inner Format Binary XML

Key Sources KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Master Password Yes Yes
Key File Yes Yes
Windows User Account No Yes
One-Time Password No Yes (OtpKeyProv plugin)
Challenge-Response No Yes (Plugins)
Smart Card (RFID / NFC) No Yes (Plugins)
Certificate No Yes (Plugins)

Security Features KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Process Memory Protection Yes Yes
Security-Enhanced Edit Controls Yes Yes
Enter Master Key on Secure Desktop No Yes
Password Quality Estimation Yes Yes

Groups & Entries KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Fixed Fields (Title, User Name, Password, URL, Notes) Yes Yes
Custom String Fields No Yes
File Attachments Yes (1 per entry) Yes (multiple per entry)
Internal Attachment Viewer/Editor No Yes
Field References Yes Yes
Entry History No Yes
Import External Icons No Yes
Group Notes No Yes
Show Entries of Sub-Groups No Yes
Recycle Bin No Yes
Entry Tags No Yes

Search KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Search Entries Yes Yes
Multiple Terms / Exclusions Yes / No Yes / Yes
Regular Expressions Yes Yes
Exclude Expired Entries Yes Yes
Grouped Results No Yes
Sort Search Results No Yes
Find Duplicate/Similar Passwords No Yes

Integration KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Copy to Clipboard Yes Yes
Drag & Drop Yes Yes
Auto-Type Yes Yes
Auto-Type TCATO No Yes
Pick Characters No Yes

Data Exchange & Access KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Import From CSV, CodeWallet(Pro) TXT, Password Safe TXT, KDB More than 35 formats (see Help: Import)
  Please note that for both 1.x and 2.x many other formats are supported through import/export plugins.
Open Database via URL (FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, SCP, SFTP, FTPS) No Yes
Shared Database Editing No (Office-style locking) Yes (multi-user)
Synchronization No Yes
Print Yes (tabular only) Yes (tabular and detailed mode)

Extensibility & Automation KeePass 1.xKeePass 2.x
Plugin Architecture Yes Yes
Scripting No Yes
Trigger System No Yes