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Makes several dialogs resizable.

General Information and Download

The KeeResize plugin makes several KeePass 2.x dialogs resizable.

KeeResize 1.13

System Requirements:
KeeResize requires Windows XP or higher. Unix-like systems are not supported.

Extract the ZIP file and move all KeeResize* files into the Plugins folder (KeePass can open this folder: menu 'Tools' → 'Plugins' → button 'Open Folder').

Delete all KeeResize* files from the Plugins folder.


Dialogs where resizing makes sense (e.g. the main window, the auto-type entry selection dialog, the internal data viewer and editor dialogs, ...) already are resizable without any plugin. Other dialogs are deliberately not resizable (without the KeeResize plugin), because resizing usually never is a good solution to a problem.

The most prominent example is the notes field in the entry dialog. The notes field is intended for short notes, not large formatted texts. For storing and working with large formatted texts, users should instead e.g. use the method described in the section 'How to store and work with large amounts of (formatted) text?' of the FAQ. The internal data editor does support resizing (without any plugin), supports text formatting, etc. In contrast, making the entry dialog resizable just to get a larger notes field is not a good solution. It might locally solve a problem for one entry, but ruins the UI experience (especially for all other entries, due to the dialog being much too large; and remembering/restoring different sizes would even be worse).

So, regular users will not want to use the KeeResize plugin. The reason why the plugin has been created anyway is that a few users insist on resizable dialogs, despite not being good solutions.

Demo vs. Full Version

Makes the entry dialog resizable Yes Yes
Makes more dialogs resizable No Yes
Remembers and restores dialog sizes (optional) No Yes

The demo version only makes the entry dialog resizable. The full version additionally makes the following dialogs resizable: about, column configuration, generic CSV importer, database maintenance, database settings, trigger event/condition/action, trigger, trigger list, auto-type item, custom string, data exchange (import/export), field reference, file browser, group, icon picker, I/O connection (open URL), master key, language selection, entry reports, options enforcement, options, plugins, print, password generator, search, TAN wizard, update check, URL override, URL overrides, XML replace.


The full version is available for free for everyone who donated at least 20 EUR (or 25 USD) to the KeePass project within the last 2 years.

If you have made such a donation (or multiple donations with the sum being at least the amount above), send an e-mail containing the following information: the fact that you wish a KeeResize registration file, your full name, the donation method (PayPal or bank transfer) and the donation date(s).

Process. If the donation can be verified, within at most 3 weeks (usually just a few days) you will receive an e-mail with a RegInfo.ini file. In KeePass, click 'Tools' → 'Plugins' → button 'Open Folder'; KeePass now opens a folder called 'Plugins'. Move the RegInfo.ini file into the 'Plugins' folder, and restart KeePass.

The RegInfo.ini file is not time-limited; it will work indefinitely.

Confidentiality. The KeeResize plugin has been created by the KeePass developer. Your donation information is not shared with any third-party developer.