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KeePass 2.01 Alpha released

KeePass 2.01 Alpha has been released today!

You can get it here: Download KeePass 2.01 Alpha.

Please note that it's an Alpha version only intended for testing!

For a comparison of the current KeePass 1.06 and 2.01 Alpha, see: Editions Comparison.

Changes from 2.00 Alpha to 2.01 Alpha:

New Features:

  • Improved auto-type engine (releases and restores modifier keys, improved focusing, etc.).
  • Implemented update-checking functionality.
  • Added KPScript plugin (see source code package) for scripting (details about it can be found in the online help center).
  • Added Whisper 32 1.16 import support.
  • Added Steganos Password Manager 2007 import support.
  • Search results now show the full path of the container group.
  • Entry windows (main password list, auto-type entry selection dialog, etc.) now show item tooltips when hovering over them.
  • Added window box drop-down hint in the auto-type item dialog.
  • Database maintenance history days setting is now remembered.
  • Improved main window update after importing a file.
  • Improved command line handling.
  • If opening/starting external files fails, helpful messages are displayed now.
  • Completely new exception handling mechanism in the Kdb4File class (allows to show more detailed messages).
  • New message service class (KeePassLib.Utility.MessageService).
  • Added option to disable remembering the password hiding setting in the 'Edit Entry' window.
  • Added menu shortcuts for opening the current entry URL (Ctrl+U) and performing current entry auto-type (Ctrl+V).

Improvements / Changes:

  • Changed file extension to KDBX.
  • Password generation profiles are now saved when the dialog is closed with 'Close'/'Cancel'.
  • Entry URL overrides now precede the global URL override.
  • Standard password generation profiles are now included in the executable file.
  • Restructured plugin architecture, it's much clearer now (abstract base class, assembly-internal manager class, ...).
  • Only non-empty strings are now displayed in the entry view.
  • Current working directory is set to the KeePass application directory before executing external files/URLs.
  • Changed fields shown in the auto-type entry selection dialog: title, user name and URL are displayed instead of title, user name and password.
  • Clearified clipboard commands in context menus.


  • Help buttons now open the correct topics in the CHM.
  • Fixed name in the installer script.
  • Workspace is not locked any more if a window is open (this prevents data loss).
  • The 'Find' toolbar button works now.
  • The OK button in the Import dialog is now enabled when you manually enter a path into the file text box.
  • Fixed entry list focus bug.
  • Fixed menu focus bug.
  • The 'Copy Custom String' menu item doesn't disappear any more.
  • Fixed enabled/disabled state of auto-type menu command.