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KeePass 2.02 Alpha released

KeePass 2.02 Alpha has been released today!

You can get it here: Download KeePass 2.02 Alpha.

Please note that it's an Alpha version only intended for testing!

There are breaking changes to the KDBX file format and there is no backward compatibility (as it often happens in the Alpha phase). Migration solution: in 2.01, export to XML and import to 2.02.

For a comparison of the current KeePass 1.06 and 2.02 Alpha, see: Editions Comparison.

Changes from 2.01 Alpha to 2.02 Alpha:

New Features:

  • Added "Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation" feature, which makes auto-type resistant against keyloggers; this is an opt- in feature, see the documentation.
  • Added KDBX data integrity verification (partial content hashes); note: this is a breaking change to the KDBX format.
  • Added internal data viewer to display attachments (text files, images, and web documents); see the new 'View' button in the 'Edit Entry' window and the new dynamic entry context menu popup 'Show In Internal Viewer'.
  • External images can now be imported and used as entry icons.
  • Added KeePassLibC and KeePassNtv 64-bit compatibility.
  • Added import support.
  • Added KeePass CSV 1.x import support.
  • When adding a group, users are immediately prompted for a name (like Windows Explorer does when creating new folders).
  • Added prompts for various text boxes.
  • The installer's version is now set to the KeePass version.
  • The key prompt dialog now shows an 'Exit' button when unlocking a database.
  • Added F1 menu shortcut for opening the help file/page.
  • URL override is now displayed in the entry view.
  • Added ability to check if the composite key is valid immdiately after starting to decrypt the file.
  • Added ability to move groups on the same level (up / down), use either the context menu or the Alt+... shortcuts.
  • The database isn't marked as modified any more when closing the 'Edit Entry' dialog with OK but without modifying anything.
  • Added version information for native transformations library.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Local file name isn't displayed any more in URL dialog.
  • Improved path clipping (tray text, ...).
  • Improved data field retrieval in SPM 2007 import module.
  • Improved attachments display/handling in 'Edit Entry' dialog.
  • Improved entry context menu (added some keyboard shortcut indicators, updated icons, ...).
  • Improved performance of secure password edit controls.
  • Clearified auto-type documentation.
  • Installer uses best compression now.
  • Improved auto-type state handling.
  • In-memory protected custom strings are hidden by asterisks in the entry details window now.
  • Improved entropy collection dialog.
  • Updated import/export documentation.
  • Added delete shortcut key for deleting groups.
  • Instead of showing the number of attachments in the entry view, the actual attachment names are shown now.
  • Improved asterisks hiding behavior in entry view.
  • New entries now by default inherit the icon of their parent groups, except if it's a folder-like icon.
  • Updated AES code in native library.
  • Improved native library detection and configuration.
  • Improved entry/group dragging behavior (window updates, ...).
  • A more useful error message is shown when you try to export to a KDB3 file without having KeePassLibC installed.
  • Configuration class supports DLL assemblies.
  • KeePass doesn't create an empty directory in the application data path any more, if the global config file is writable.
  • Clipboard isn't cleared any more at exit if it doesn't contain data copied by KeePass.
  • Empty auto-type sequences in custom window-sequence pairs now map to the inherited ones or default overrides, if specified.
  • Cleaned up notify tray resources.
  • Improved help menu.
  • A *lot* code quality improvements.


  • ShInstUtil doesn't crash any more when called without any parameter.
  • Auto-type now sends modifier keys (+ for Shift, % for Alt, ...) and character groups correctly.
  • Fixed alpha transparency multi-shadow bug in groups list.
  • Overwrite confirmation now isn't displayed twice any more when saving an attachment from the 'Edit Entry' window.
  • User interface state is updated after 'Select All' command.
  • Auto-Type warnings are now shown correctly.
  • Fixed auto-type definition in sample entry (when creating a new database).
  • The global auto-type hot key now also works when KeePass is locked and minimized to tray.
  • Fixed bug in initialization of Random class (KeePass could have crashed 1 time in 2^32 starts).