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KeePass 2.03 Alpha released

Screenshot KeePass 2.03 Alpha has been released today!

You can get it here: Download KeePass 2.03 Alpha.

Please note that it's an Alpha version only intended for testing!

OpenPGP signatures for integrity checking are available.

For a comparison of the current KeePass 1.08 and 2.03 Alpha, see: Editions Comparison.

Upgrade notices:

When upgrading from any previous KeePass 2.x version, please note the following:

  • A clean install is inevitable this time. If you used the installer, you must first uninstall your version. Make sure that the KeePass.config.xml file in the application directory is deleted! After this, install KeePass 2.03.

Changes from 2.02 Alpha to 2.03 Alpha:

New Features:

  • Added multi-document support (tabbed interface when multiple files are opened).
  • KeePass 2.x now runs on Windows 98 / ME, too! (with .NET 2.0).
  • Added option to permute passwords generated using a pattern (this allows generating passwords that follow complex rules).
  • Added option to start minimized and locked.
  • Added support for importing Passwort.Tresor XML files.
  • Added support for importing SplashID CSV files.
  • Added '--exit-all' command line parameter; call KeePass.exe with this parameter to close all other open KeePass instances (if you do not wish to see the 'Save?' confirmation dialog, enable the 'Automatically save database on exit' option).
  • Added support for CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE clipboard format (clipboard viewers/extenders compliant with this format ignore data copied by KeePass).
  • Added support for synchronizing with multiple other databases (select multiple files in the file selection dialog).
  • Added ability to specify custom character sets in password generation patterns.
  • Added pattern placeholder 'S' to generate printable 7-bit ASCII characters.
  • Added pattern placeholder 'b' to generate brackets.
  • Added support for starting very long command lines.
  • Entry UUID is now shown on the 'Properties' tab page.
  • Added Spanish language for installer.
  • KeePass now creates a mutex in the global name space.
  • Added menu command to save a copy of the current database.
  • The database name is now shown in the title of the 'Enter Password' window.
  • Added "Exit" command to tray icon context menu.
  • Pressing the 'Enter' key in the password list now opens the currently selected entry for editing.
  • Added '-GroupName:' parameter for 'AddEntry' command in the KPScript KeePass scripting tool (see plugins web page).
  • Added URL example in 'Open URL' dialog.
  • Added support for plugin namespaces with dots (nested).
  • Added ability to specify the characters a TAN can consist of.
  • '-' is now treated as TAN character by default, not as separator any more.
  • Added ability to search using a regular expression.
  • Notes in the entry list are now CR/LF-filtered.
  • Added {PICKPASSWORDCHARS} placeholder, KeePass will show a dialog which allows you to pick certain characters.
  • The password generator dialog is now shown in the Windows taskbar if the main window is minimized to tray.
  • Caps lock is now disabled before auto-typing.
  • Improved installer (added start menu link to the CHM help file, mutex checking at uninstallation, version information block, ...).
  • Plugin architecture: added cancellable default entry action event handler.
  • Added support for subitem infotips in various list controls.
  • Group name is now shown in the 'Find' dialog (if not root).
  • Pressing the 'Insert' key in the password list now opens the 'Add Entry' dialog.
  • Last search settings are now remembered (except search text).
  • The column order in the main window is now remembered.
  • Pressing F2 in the groups tree now initiates editing the name of the currently selected group.
  • Pressing F2 in the password list now opens the editing dialog.
  • The 'About' dialog is now automatically closed when clicking an hyperlink.
  • Entries generated by 'Tools' - 'Password Generator' are now highlighted in the main window (visible and selected).
  • Extended auto-close functionality to some more dialogs.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Protected user key is now stored in the application data directory instead of the registry (when upgrading from 2.02, first change the master key so it doesn't use the user account credentials option!).
  • Improved configuration file format (now using XML serialization, allowing serialization of complex structures).
  • Improved configuration saving/loading (avoid file system virtualization on Windows Vista when using the installer, improved out of the box support for installation by admin / usage by user, better limited user account handling, ...).
  • Improved password generator profile management (UI).
  • Improved password generator character set definition.
  • Custom icons can be deleted from the database now.
  • Changed password pattern placeholders to support ANSI.
  • Removed plugin projects from core distribution (plugin source codes will be available separately, like in 1.x).
  • Window position and size is saved now when exiting KeePass while minimized.
  • Splitter positions are restored correctly now when the main window is maximized.
  • Password list refreshes now restore the previous view (including selected and focused items, ...).
  • Improved session ending handler.
  • Improved help menu.
  • Added more JPEG extensions in the icon dialog (JFIF/JFI/JIF).
  • Navigation through the group tree using the keyboard is now possible (entries list is updated).
  • Options dialog now remembers the last opened tab page.
  • Synchronization: deletion information is merged correctly now.
  • Improved importing status dialog.
  • Improved search results presentation.
  • Title field is now the first control in the focus cycle of the entry dialog.
  • The auto-type entry selection dialog now also shows custom / imported icons.
  • The quick-find box now has the focus after opening a database.
  • The main window title now shows 'File - KeePass Password Safe' instead of 'KeePass Password Safe [File]'; improved tooltip text for tray icon.
  • The 'Save Attachments' context menu command is disabled now if the currently selected entry doesn't have any attachments.
  • A more useful error message is shown when trying to import an unsupported image format.
  • Replaced 'Search All Fields' by an additional 'Other' option.
  • Expired/used TAN entries are not shown in the expired entries dialog any more.
  • UI now mostly follows the Windows Vista UI text guidelines.
  • Improved UI behavior in options dialog.
  • Improved text in password generator preview window.
  • After activating a language, the restart dialog is only shown if the selected language is different from the current one.
  • Online help browser is now started in a separate thread.
  • Value field in 'Edit String' window now accepts 'Return' key.
  • The name prompt in the 'Edit String' window now initially shows a prompt instead of an invalid field name warning.
  • Expired entries are now also shown when unlocking the database.
  • Expired entries are not shown any more in the auto-type entry selection dialog.
  • Various dialogs: Return and Esc work correctly now.
  • Improved key handling in password list.
  • Updated SharpZipLib component in KeePassLibSD.
  • Updated CHM documentation file.


  • Deleting custom string fields of entries works correctly now.
  • Fixed a small bug in the password list view restoration routines (the item above the previous top one was visible).
  • KeePass doesn't prevent Windows from shutting down any more when the 'Close button minimizes window' option is enabled.
  • The "Application Policy Help" link in the options dialog works now.
  • KeePass doesn't crash any more when viewing an history entry that has a custom/imported icon.
  • Icon in group editing dialog is now initialized correctly.
  • Last TAN is not ignored any more by the TAN wizard.