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Signatures of KeePass files are created with the following keys:

Current (since KeePass 1.32 and 2.34):

Dominik Reichl
Key ID: 58C6F98E.
Key Fingerprint: D950 4428 3EE9 48D9 11E8 B606 A4F7 62DC 58C6 F98E.
Public Key: [ASC File] [58C6F98E ASC signed by FEB7C7BC].

Old (up to KeePass 1.31 and 2.33):

Dominik Reichl
Key Fingerprint: 2171 BEEA D0DD 92A1 8065 5626 DCCA A5B3 FEB7 C7BC.
Public Key: [ASC File] [].

Signed  OpenPGP File Signatures - KeePass 2.x

Signed  OpenPGP File Signatures - KeePass 1.x

Signed  OpenPGP File Signatures - KeePass Plugins

Signatures of KeePass plugins and other additional files can be found here: Plugin Signatures.

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