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Links to KeePass ports, builds and packages for other systems (Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, Android, etc.) can be found on the downloads page.

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KeePass and Password Management:

Security in General:

  • Heimdal Pro
    Heimdal Pro protects your PC from malware and keeps security-critical software up-to-date.

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Device  In Conjunction / Relations

  • YubiKey
    A YubiKey can be used to easily enter a very strong master password.
  • Using KeePass Instead of SAP Logon
    Logon to a SAP system via KeePass.
    Note: the plugin
    KeeSAPLogon is a more convenient solution.
  • Dash
    Dash can retrieve the wallet passphrase from KeePass via KeePassHttp.
  • Ranorex
    Ranorex is a software for automated GUI tests, using KeePass as a sample application.
  • Flash Padlock (in
    A Flash Padlock USB Flash drive equipped with KeePass and Firefox portable applications can help manage passwords and stave off phishing attacks.

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Plugins and Extensions
Useful little plugins and extensions that
provide additional functionality (import /
export, database backup, ...).