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KeePass 1.15 released

Screenshot KeePass 1.15 has been released today!

You can get it here: Download KeePass 1.15.

This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade from any previous version to 1.15. KeePass 1.15 is 100% backward compatible with previous versions.

This version mainly features a completely new plugin architecture, and various other minor new features and improvements.

Hash sums and OpenPGP signatures for integrity checking are available. New translations and plugin builds are available, too.

If your TANs are displayed incorrectly, please read KeePass Knowledge Base: Upgrading TANs.

Changes from 1.14 to 1.15:

New Features:

  • Completely new plugin architecture (exposing a lot more functionality to plugins, faster, requires less memory, safer memory management / cross-module calls, more secure, and allows independent development of KeePass and plugins, i.e. starting with 1.15 KeePass can be updated without requiring plugins to be updated and vice versa).
  • Added option to use advanced in-memory protection (DPAPI, only Windows Vista and higher; the key is stored in a secure, non-swappable memory area managed by Windows; option enabled by default).
  • The hash of the master key and its transformed version are now in-memory protected.
  • Added help source selection dialog (by default the online help center is used).
  • Added '-set-urloverride', '-clear-urloverride' and '-get-urloverride' command line options.
  • Focused disabled menu items are now drawn with a transparent selection rectangle.
  • Windows XP and higher: added support for double-buffering in the entry list.
  • Windows Vista and higher: added support for alpha-blended marquee selection in the entry list.
  • Added KeeForceAllowChangeMasterKey, KeeForceAllowPrinting, KeeForceAllowImport and KeeForceAllowExport configuration options (these override the option to disable unsafe operations and the mini mode setting; they are only loaded from the enforced and global INI files, not the local one).
  • Added KeeDisallowPrintingPasswords configuration option to disallow printing passwords and viewing them in the print preview.
  • Added multi-user documentation.


  • Improved plugin loading performance.
  • Plugins don't need to be manually enabled anymore (just copy the plugin files into the KeePass application directory).
  • Improved main menu items order.
  • Improved main menu accelerators.
  • Improved group main menu item texts.
  • Improved performance of various entry list operations.
  • Hash of master key is now cleared when closing a database.
  • Hash of file key is now cleared after opening/saving files.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Fixed cursor navigation problem in secure edit controls.
  • Fixed random access violation in OnScreenKeyboard plugin.