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Upgrading TANs

Converting TANs from KeePass ≤ 1.10 to ≥ 1.11.

When upgrading from KeePass ≤ 1.10 to 1.11 or higher, TAN indices are not shown anymore.

In order to allow users writing notes about used TANs (for example for which transaction it was used), the field in which the TAN index is stored has been changed from the notes field to the user name field. Consequently KeePass ≥ 1.11 will not find indices of old TANs.

Will this be fixed in a later KeePass version?
A "fix" would need to automatically move indices from the notes field to the user name field. This however could break new TANs, as you couldn't write numbers into the notes field anymore. As users might very likely enter a number only in the notes field of a TAN, the "fix" would overwrite TAN indices with this number, which obviously is a very bad thing. Therefore, no "fix" for this will be included.

Recommended Resolution:
Reimport your TANs into the new KeePass version using its TAN wizard. The TAN wizard of the new KeePass version generates the indices in the correct entry field.

Alternative Resolution (for KeePass ≥ 1.12): There is a plugin called 'TanUpgrade', which moves all indices of old TANs into the new location, such that the new KeePass version correctly finds the indices.

  1. Download the plugin: TAN Upgrade for KeePass 1.12, TAN Upgrade for KeePass 1.13, TAN Upgrade for KeePass 1.14, TAN Upgrade for KeePass ≥ 1.15.
  2. Extract the ZIP file and move the TanUpgrade.dll file into the KeePass application directory. [Only KeePass ≤ 1.14: Start KeePass, go 'Tools' → 'Plugins' and enable the 'TanUpgrade.dll' plugin (to do this, right-click on the plugin and select 'Enable').]
  3. Restart KeePass.
  4. Open your database.
  5. Click in main menu: 'Tools' → 'Upgrade All TANs'.
  6. Save the database.

For Developers: Source Code 1.12, Source Code 1.13, Source Code 1.14, Source Code 1.15.

[Update 2008-08-17: A new version of TanUpgrade is available for KeePass 1.12, which fixes a problem with in-memory protected TANs.]
[Update 2008-09-07: TanUpgrade is now also available for KeePass 1.13.]
[Update 2008-10-18: TanUpgrade is now also available for KeePass 1.14.]
[Update 2009-02-13: TanUpgrade is now also available for KeePass ≥ 1.15.]

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