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Scripting KeePass (2.x)

How to automate database operations in KeePass 2.x.


In order to automate KeePass, you need the KPScript plugin/extension. You can find the latest version of KPScript on the KeePass plugins web page. The KPScript.exe file needs to be copied into the directory where KeePass is installed (where the KeePass.exe file is).

There are two ways to automate KeePass: single command operations and KPS script files.

  • Single Command Operations: KPScript can be invoked using single commands. By passing the database location, its key, a command and eventually some parameters, simple operations like adding an entry can be performed. The syntax is very simple, no scripting knowledge is required. This method is ideal when you quickly want to do some small changes to the database. It is not recommended when you need to perform many operations, because for each command the database needs to be loaded from file, decrypted, modified, encrypted and written back to file.

  • KPS Script Files: These files are a lot more powerful than single command operations, but are also more complicated. You need to have heavy experience in C# programming and the KeePass 2.x internals. Within KPS files you can do everything that KeePass does.

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