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Secure Edit Controls

KeePass supports security-enhanced edit controls.

KeePass was one of the first password managers featuring secure edit controls. The edit controls used in KeePass are resistant to password revealers and password control spies. Additionally, the entered passwords are protected against memory dumping attacks: the passwords are not visible in the process memory of KeePass.

KeePass uses secure edit controls only when the hiding behind asterisks option is turned on. If you show the passwords in plaintext, they are not protected (secure edit controls are just disabled then, replaced by standard Windows edit controls).

KeePass 1.x Only
A limitation of the secure edit controls is that you cannot select a range of characters. You for example cannot select 3 characters and replace them by the current contents of the clipboard using the paste command.

If you want to delete all the contents of a secure edit control, press Shift+Home or Shift+End. This will remove all entered characters.

KeePass 2.x Only
There are no selection limitations. Secure edit controls behave exactly like standard Windows edit controls.

Process memory protection:
On Windows systems, all characters are protected. On Unix-like systems (Linux, MacOS, ...), characters above U+D7FF (see Basic Multilingual Plane) are not protected.

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