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VCard Document

Entry Dialog

Explains options in the entry dialog.

In this dialog you can edit properties of new and existing entries.

Info  General

On this tab page you can specify the main information about the account. Apart from filling in standard information (user name, password, etc.), you can also assign an Expiry Time. When this date is reached, the entry is automatically marked as expired (using a red X icon in the main window and showing the entry information using a striked-out font). The entry is not deleted when it expires.

By default, KeePass generates a secure, random password for new entries. You can freely replace this generated password with an own one or invoke the password generator again (using the button on the right of the 'Repeat Password' field) to generate a password having different properties. For details (including information how to disable automatically generated passwords), see Password Generator.

A standard user name for new entries can be specified in the database settings dialog.

Info  Advanced

On this tab page you can assign custom strings and file attachments to the entry.

Custom Strings:
Each entry can have an arbitrary amount of custom strings. These strings can hold any information of your choice (for example additional e-mail addresses, passwords, more URLs, etc.). The strings will be stored encrypted in the database (like all other database content).

To use the value of a custom field, you can right-click on the entry and select 'Copy Custom String', which is much easier than highlighting the data in the entry view and copying.

File Attachments / Binaries:
You can attach files to entries. The files will be imported into the KeePass database and associated with the entry. When importing files, KeePass does not delete the original source file! You need to delete them yourself, if you wish. File attachments are stored encrypted in the database (like all other database content).

Info  Auto-Type

On this page you can configure the auto-type behaviour for this entry. For more information, see the Auto-Type help page.

Reload Document  History

Each entry has its own history. Each time you change an entry, KeePass automatically creates a backup copy of the current, non-modified entry before saving the new values. These backup copies are listed on the History tab page. You can delete backup copies if you are sure that you won't need them anymore, or you can restore any of the backup copies.

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