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Load/Save From/To URL

KeePass can load/save databases from/to URLs.

In this dialog you can specify a URL, from/to which data is read/written.

By default, KeePass supports FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV. More protocols may be available on your system (if specific providers are installed).

The IOProtocolExt plugin adds support for SCP, SFTP and FTPS.

Cloud storage:
If you want to store your database file in a cloud storage: for most cloud storages, there is an integration with the local file system available (i.e. you can access your stored files using Windows Explorer). For example, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive provide such an integration. If such an integration is available, it is recommended that you access your database file this way; this often works better than accessing it via a protocol like FTP or WebDAV. If no such integration is available and your cloud storage also is not accessible via a standard protocol, a specialized KeePass plugin for this cloud storage might be available.

Example: Using FTP Server

In order to load/save your database from/to an FTP server, you first need to upload the database file to the server manually. This only needs to be done once.

Then start KeePass and go 'File''Open''Open URL...'. Enter the full database path on the server and don't forget the ftp:// prefix! This prefix is required, otherwise KeePass doesn't know which protocol to use. Enter the FTP credentials and click [OK]. KeePass will download the file and open it.

KeePass can remember the FTP credentials, if you wish. You can choose between remembering everything (user name and password), partially (user name only) and not remembering the credentials at all.

When you press the 'Save' button, KeePass will automatically upload the new database file to the server (same location as before, i.e. overwriting the previous one).

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