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TAN Support

KeePass supports Transaction Authentication Numbers (TANs).

KeePass supports TANs, i.e. passwords that can be used only once. These special passwords are used by some banks: you need to confirm transactions using such TANs. This provides additional security, as a spy cannot perform transactions, even if he knows the password of your banking account.

Using the TAN Wizard to add TANs

You can use the KeePass TAN Wizard to add several TANs at once to your database. Just open the TAN wizard dialog (menu Tools - TAN Wizard) and enter all your TANs. The formatting doesn't really matter, KeePass just uses all alphanumerical strings, i.e. characters like line breaks, tabs, spaces, dots, etc. are interpreted as separators.

The wizard will then generate several TAN entries from the data you entered into the dialog. Each TAN is a standard KeePass entry. The title of a TAN entry always is set to "<TAN>". This tells KeePass that the entry is a TAN entry. You cannot change the title, user name and URL of a TAN. But you can freely add notes to a TAN entry, if you wish.

Using TANs

When you use the TAN (e.g. execute the "Copy Password" command on it), its expiration date will be set to the current time, which expires the entry. It will get a red X as icon. If you later want to know when you used a specific TAN, you can just have a look at its expiration date.

When copying a TAN to the clipboard, the database is marked as modified. You must save the file in order to remember the usage of a TAN.

If you accidently used a TAN without needing it, you can reset it (i.e. remove the red X and show it as valid TAN again). To do this, open the TAN entry (right-click it and choose 'Edit/View Entry...'). Here, uncheck the 'Expires' checkbox. Click [OK] to close the dialog.

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