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How to install translations of KeePass 2.x.

Installing User Interface Translations

To install a user interface translation, follow these steps:

  1. Download the translation ZIP file from the Translations page and unpack it (to the current directory).
  2. In KeePass, click 'View' → 'Change Language' → button 'Open Folder'; KeePass now opens a folder called 'Languages'. Move the unpacked file(s) into the 'Languages' folder.
  3. Switch to KeePass, click 'View' → 'Change Language', and select your language. Restart KeePass.

Note. For moving the unpacked file(s) (in step 2), we recommend to use Windows Explorer. Other file managers may have problems with access rights.

Additional Localized Content

For some languages (not for all) there is additional localized content available, like translated help files, tutorials, etc. All this content is available from the same page where the user interface translations are downloadable: Translations page.

If you'd like to create some translated content yourself, please first ask the KeePass team if the thing you're planning to create isn't in work already by someone else. If not, you'll make a lot of people very happy by creating translated content!

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