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Customization (2.x)

KeePass 2.x features various options for network administrators to customize the program's appearance and behavior.

System  Preliminaries

Most options below are configured by directly editing the KeePass.config.xml configuration file. If you're planning to deploy a customized KeePass version, you should fully understand the KeePass configuration system, especially how to enforce some settings and leave others up to users.

Note that KeePass features a rich plugin framework. If there's no item in the XML file to configure what you're thinking about, you might want to write a plugin.

Key  Minimum Master Password Requirements

You can specify several properties that master passwords must have in order to be accepted (length, estimated quality, ...). See Specifying Minimum Master Password Properties.

Locked  Specifying UI Element States

The state (enabled, disabled, visible, hidden) of several user interface (UI) elements can be specified using the UIFlags value of the UI node in the configuration file. This can be a bitwise combination of one or more of the following flags:

Flag (Hex)Flag (Dec) Description
0x00 Don't force any states (default).
0x11 Disable 'Tools' -> 'Options' menu item.
0x22 Disable 'Tools' -> 'Plugins' menu item.
0x44 Disable 'Tools' -> 'Triggers' menu item.
0x88 Disable controls to specify after how many days the master key should/must be changed.
0x1016 Hide password quality progress bars and information labels.
0x2032 Disable 'Help' -> 'Check for Updates' menu item.
0x1000065536 Hide built-in profiles in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
0x20000131072 Show UI elements related to last access times.
Note: Databases are not marked as modified when a last access time changes. Thus, when only last access times are changed and the user closes the database (without saving manually first and without a save forced e.g. by a trigger or plugin), the changes to the last access times are lost.
0x40000262144 Do not display information dialogs when creating a new database.

The value of UIFlags must be specified in decimal notation.

For example, if you want to disable the 'Options' and 'Check for Updates' menu items, you'd specify 33 as value for the UIFlags node (0x1 + 0x20 = 1 + 32 = 33).

Key  More Options

  • Configuration/Defaults/WinFavsBaseFolderName:
    For the 'Windows Favorites' export: name of the root folder; the default value is 'KeePass'.
  • Configuration/Defaults/WinFavsFileNamePrefix:
    For the 'Windows Favorites' export: prefix for the title of every favorite; the default value is an empty string.
  • Configuration/Defaults/WinFavsFileNameSuffix:
    For the 'Windows Favorites' export: suffix for the title of every favorite; the default value is an empty string.
  • Configuration/Integration/AutoTypeInterKeyDelay:
    Specifies the default delay (in ms) between two keypresses sent by auto-type. The minimum is 1 ms. Note that very small delays may result in target applications not being able to process the keypresses correctly.
  • Configuration/Integration/AutoTypeAbortOnWindows:
    This node may contain one or more Window nodes that specify disallowed auto-type target windows (the value of each node must be a target window filter).

    For example, the following configuration disallows auto-typing into WordPad and LibreOffice Writer:

        <Window>* - WordPad</Window>
        <Window>* - LibreOffice Writer</Window>
  • Configuration/Security/MasterKeyTries:
    Specifies how often the master key dialog appears when entering incorrect master keys. The default value is 3.
  • Configuration/Application/ExpirySoonDays:
    Specifies the number of days within which entries are considered to expire "soon". The default value is 7.

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