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KPS Script Files

How to use KPS script files to automate KeePass 2.x.

KPS script files are a lot more powerful than single command operations, but are also more complicated. You need to have heavy experience in C# programming and the KeePass 2.x internals. Within KPS files you can do everything that KeePass does.

What are KPS files?

KPS files are C# files that are loaded, compiled and executed by the KPScript.exe program. Within the script file, you got full access to the KeePass internals.

The main differences to "normal" C# files are:

  • No need for using directives.
  • No need to add a reference to the KeePass assembly.
  • No need to write a wrapper class. Simply start with Main(). The complete script file is embedded in a static class.

Here's the famous Hello World program as KPS script:

public static void Main()
	MessageService.ShowInfo("Hello World!");

For the most important namespaces, KPScript automatically adds using directives at the start of the file before compiling it. MessageService for example is located in KeePassLib.Utility, but as it's included automatically by KPScript, you can use it directly.

Executing a KPS file:

To run a KPS file, you simply pass it to KPScript:

KPScript.exe C:\KeePass\MyScriptFile.kps

It is important that the file extension is .kps, otherwise KPScript won't recognize the file and will interpret it as database for single command operations.

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