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KeePass 2.18 released

Screenshot KeePass 2.18 has been released today!

You can get it here: Download KeePass 2.18.

This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade from any previous 2.x version to 2.18.

KeePass 2.18 mainly features a new update checking mechanism (now also checking for plugin updates, ...), user interface improvements, and various other minor new features and improvements.

Hash sums and OpenPGP signatures for integrity checking are available. The .NET assemblies are signed, public keys for verifying are available.

For a comparison of the current KeePass 1.21 and 2.18, see: Editions Comparison.

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Changes from 2.17 to 2.18:

New Features:

  • The update check now also checks for plugin updates (if plugin developers provide version information files).
  • When starting KeePass 2.18 for the first time, it asks whether to enable the automatic update check or not (if not enabled already).
  • When closing the entry editing dialog by closing the window (using [X], Esc, ...) and there are unsaved changes, KeePass now asks whether to save or discard the changes; only when explicitly clicking the 'Cancel' button, KeePass doesn't prompt.
  • When not hiding passwords using asterisks, they don't need to be repeated anymore.
  • Password repetition boxes now provide instant visual feedback whether the password has been repeated correctly (if incorrect, the background color is changed to light red).
  • When clicking an '***' button to change the visibility of the entered password, KeePass now automatically transfers the input focus into the password box.
  • Visibility of columns in the auto-type entry selection dialog can now be customized using the new 'Options' button.
  • Added auto-type option 'An entry matches if the host component of its URL is contained in the target window title'.
  • Added shortcut keys: Ctrl+Shift+O for 'Open URL', Ctrl+Shift+U for copying URLs to the clipboard, Ctrl+I for 'Add Entry', Ctrl+R for synchronizing with a file, Ctrl+Shift+R for synchronizing with a URL.
  • Ensuring same keyboard layouts during auto-type is now optional (option enabled by default).
  • Plain text KDB4 XML exports now store the memory protection flag of strings in an attribute 'ProtectInMemory'.
  • Added option to use database lock files (intended for storage providers that don't lock files while writing to them, like e.g. some FTP servers); the option is turned off by default (and especially for local files and files on a network share it's recommended to leave it turned off).
  • Added UIFlags bit for disabling the controls to specify after how many days the master key should/must be changed.
  • Added support for in-memory protecting strings that are longer than 65536 characters.
  • Added workaround for '@' .NET SendKeys issue.

Improvements / Changes:

  • .NET 4.0 is now preferred, if installed.
  • PLGX plugins are now preferably compiled using the .NET 4.0 compiler, if KeePass is currently running under the 4.0 CLR.
  • Automatic update checks are now performed at maximum once per day (you can still check manually as often as you wish).
  • Auto-Type: entry titles and URLs are now Spr-compiled before being compared with the target window title.
  • Decoupled the options 'Show expired entries' and 'Show entries that will expire soon'.
  • Specifying the data hiding setting (using asterisks) in the column configuration dialog is now done using a checkbox.
  • The entry view now preferably uses the hiding settings (asterisks) of the entry list columns.
  • Improved entry expiry date calculation.
  • Enhanced Password Agent importer to support version 2.6.2.
  • Enhanced SplashID importer to import last modification dates.
  • Improved locating of system executables.
  • Password generator profiles are now sorted by name.
  • Separated built-in and user-defined password generator profiles (built-in profiles aren't stored in the configuration file anymore).
  • Improved naming of shortcut keys, and shortcut keys are now displayed in tooltips.
  • Internal window manager can now close windows opened in other threads.
  • Improved entry touching when closing the entry editing dialog by closing the window (using [X], Esc, ...).
  • Improved behavior when entering an invalid URL in the 'Open URL' dialog.
  • Improved workaround for Mono tab bar height bug.
  • ShInstUtil: improved Native Image Generator version detection.
  • Unified in-memory protection.
  • In-memory protection performance improvements.
  • Developers: in-memory protected objects are now immutable and thread-safe.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • The cached/temporary custom icons image list is now updated correctly after running the 'Delete unused custom icons' command.