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Keyboard Shortcuts (2.x)

A list of keyboard shortcuts in KeePass 2.x.

The list below may not be up-to-date. The latest keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the KeePass user interface (most keyboard shortcuts are displayed right of menu items and in tooltips).

Keyboard shortcuts

Only custom keyboard shortcuts are listed. Standard keyboard shortcuts (like Alt+F4 to close the current dialog) are not listed.

In the main window:

File → NewCtrl+N
File → Open → Open FileCtrl+O
File → Open → Open URLCtrl+Shift+O
File → CloseCtrl+W
File → SaveCtrl+S
File → PrintCtrl+P
File → Synchronize → Synchronize with FileCtrl+R
File → Synchronize → Synchronize with URLCtrl+Shift+R
File → (Un)Lock WorkspaceCtrl+L
File → ExitCtrl+Q
Edit → Add EntryCtrl+I
Edit → Duplicate EntryCtrl+K
Edit → Select AllCtrl+A
Edit → Show Entries → Selected Entry's GroupCtrl+G
Edit → FindCtrl+F / F3
Toggle Asterisks for User NamesCtrl+J
Toggle Asterisks for PasswordsCtrl+H
Help → Help ContentsF1
Custom Action (definable in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Interface') Esc
Focus Quick Search BoxCtrl+E
Switch to Next DatabaseCtrl+Tab
Switch to Previous DatabaseCtrl+Shift+Tab

In the main group tree:

Delete GroupDelete
Delete Group PermanentlyShift+Delete
Find in this GroupCtrl+Shift+F
Move Group to Top [On Windows]Alt+Home
Move Group One Up [On Windows]Alt+
Move Group One Down [On Windows]Alt+
Move Group to Bottom [On Windows]Alt+End
Move Group to Top [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F5
Move Group One Up [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F6
Move Group One Down [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F7
Move Group to Bottom [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F8

In the main entry list:

Copy User NameCtrl+B
Copy PasswordCtrl+C
URL(s) → OpenCtrl+U
URL(s) → Copy to ClipboardCtrl+Shift+U
Perform Auto-TypeCtrl+V
Add EntryCtrl+I
Edit/View EntryReturn / Enter
Duplicate EntryCtrl+K
Delete EntryDelete
Delete Entry PermanentlyShift+Delete
Show Parent GroupCtrl+G
Select AllCtrl+A
Clipboard → Copy EntriesCtrl+Shift+C
Clipboard → Paste EntriesCtrl+Shift+V
Move Entry to Top [On Windows]Alt+Home
Move Entry One Up [On Windows]Alt+
Move Entry One Down [On Windows]Alt+
Move Entry to Bottom [On Windows]Alt+End
Move Entry to Top [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F5
Move Entry One Up [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F6
Move Entry One Down [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F7
Move Entry to Bottom [On Linux / Mac OS X]Ctrl+Shift+F8

System-wide hot keys:

CommandHot Key
Global Auto-TypeDefinable in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Integration'; Ctrl+Alt+A by default.
Auto-Type Selected EntryDefinable in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Integration'; undefined by default.
Show KeePass WindowDefinable in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Integration'; Ctrl+Alt+K by default.

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