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Upgrading to KeePass 1.09

Problems and solutions when upgrading to KeePass 1.09.

Text  KeeForm is not found any more

When trying to launch KeeForm by executing the URL field, you receive an error message like the following:

Password Safe
File: KeeForm
Arguments: "http://www.webpage.html" "User" "Password" {ENTERFORM}

The system cannot find the file specified.

If you followed the KeeForm 1.06 quick installation guide (i.e. installed KeeForm into the KeePass application directory and used the URL override method), replace the following line in the KeePass.ini file:

KeeUrlOverride=cmd://KeeForm "{URL}" "{USERNAME}" "{PASSWORD}" {ENTERFORM}


KeeUrlOverride=cmd://"{APPDIR}\KeeForm.exe" "{URL}" "{USERNAME}" "{PASSWORD}" {ENTERFORM}

KeePass will replace {APPDIR} by the KeePass application directory when starting URLs, i.e. you do not need to insert the absolute path to KeePass here!

Please note that you have to replace this line in the KeePass.ini file in the KeePass application directory if you're using the portable ZIP version of KeePass, and in the KeePass.ini file in the user's application data directory if you're using the KeePass installer. For details, see Configuration.

KeeRun can similarly be fixed by replacing KeeRun by "{APPDIR}\KeeRun.exe" (note the quotes!). This of course requires that you installed KeeForm and KeeRun in the KeePass application directory. If you installed it elsewhere, change the path appropriately.

Text  Paths with spaces do not work any more

cmd://-URLs containing spaces in the file path do not work any more. You receive an error message like the following:

Password Safe
File: C:\Program
Arguments: Files\Application\Executable.exe

The system cannot find the file specified.

KeePass 1.08 and previous versions first tried to execute "C:\Program", and if that failed it treated the space as path character. The second execution then succeeded.

In KeePass 1.09 this is not supported any more because of security issues. For details, see WinExec documentation by Microsoft (section 'Security Remarks').

Always quote paths containing spaces. In the example above, replace the URL

cmd://C:\Program Files\Application\Executable.exe


cmd://"C:\Program Files\Application\Executable.exe"

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