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Trigger Event 'User interface state updated'

This event has been removed.

As of KeePass 2.39, the trigger event 'User interface state updated' is unsupported. If you have a trigger with this event, you should adjust the trigger.

Solution 1 (Generic).
As an alternative to the event 'User interface state updated', KeePass 2.39 introduces a new event called 'Time - Periodic', which is raised at user-defined intervals. Consider replacing a 'User interface state updated' event by this new event.

Solution 2 (Auto-Save).
KeePass now has a new option 'Automatically save after modifying an entry using the entry editing dialog' (in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Advanced'). If you used the 'User interface state updated' event for realizing an auto-save trigger, consider deleting the trigger and turning on the new option instead. This option is a lightweight solution for saving automatically after modifying important data. If you also want KeePass to automatically save after less important changes (like creating groups or moving entries), use Solution 1 mentioned above.

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