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Some arguments for trusting KeePass.

Open Source.
KeePass is open source. For some thoughts on why open source is a requirement for good security software, please have a look at this article by Bruce Schneier (a well-known security expert): Crypto-Gram: Open Source and Security.

The KeePass code has been reviewed by many people.

  • There are various KeePass-compatible applications and ports for other operating systems, e.g. the versions for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, etc. These are created by other developers and most of them don't use the KeePass code directly – they've written their own code to load and save KeePass database files. These developers would have noticed design errors in the database format and bugs in the load/save routines of KeePass, if there would be any.
  • Similarly, some plugin developers have deep KeePass knowledge.
  • KeePass has been downloaded over 20 million times (1.x and 2.x from the official website). It's likely that a few users were developers who also examined the source code.


This shows that security experts trust KeePass.

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