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Some arguments for trusting KeePass.

Open Source

KeePass is open source. For some thoughts on why open source is a requirement for good security software, we recommend to have a look at this article by Bruce Schneier (a well-known security expert): Crypto-Gram: Open Source and Security.


The KeePass code has been reviewed by many people.

  • There are various KeePass-compatible applications and ports for other operating systems (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, etc.). These are created by other developers and most of them do not use the KeePass code directly – they have written their own code to load and save KeePass database files. These developers would have noticed design errors in the database format and bugs in the load/save routines of KeePass, if there would be any.
  • Similarly, some plugin developers have deep KeePass knowledge.
  • Up to February 2019, KeePass 2.x has been downloaded over 45 million times and KeePass 1.x has been downloaded over 15 million times from the official website. It is likely that a few users were developers who also examined the source code.


More links to ratings and awards can be found on the Ratings page.

This shows that security experts trust KeePass.

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