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Upgrading to KeePass 1.10

Problems and solutions when upgrading to KeePass 1.10.

Text  Field placeholders do not work anymore

Field placeholders in URLs and auto-type do not work anymore. They are either not replaced at all or replaced by a wrong text.

KeePass 1.10 introduced support for environment variables in URLs and auto-type. Environment variables are denoted by %VAR%, where VAR is the name of the variable.

Previous KeePass versions allowed field placeholders in %-syntax. This has been removed, because it conflicts with the environment variables syntax. For example, %USERNAME% was replaced by the user name field in KeePass ≤ 1.09, whereas your Windows user name is inserted in KeePass 1.10. In order to insert the entry user name, use {USERNAME}.

Always use the {}-syntax for field placeholders, i.e. {TITLE}, {USERNAME}, {URL}, {PASSWORD}, and {NOTES}.

Text  Upgrading from KeePass ≤ 1.09 to 1.10

More information can be found in the Upgrading to KeePass 1.09 document.

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