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IKpFileTransaction Struct Referenceabstract

Interface to a file transaction object. More...

#include <IKpFileTransaction.h>

Inheritance diagram for IKpFileTransaction:

Public Member Functions

virtual BOOL OpenWrite (LPTSTR lpOutBufferFilePath)=0
 Begin a file write transaction. More...
virtual BOOL CommitWrite ()=0
 Commit a file write transaction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IKpUnknown
virtual HRESULT QueryInterface (REFIID riid, void **ppvObject)=0
 COM infrastructure, provides access to all interfaces supported by this object. More...
virtual ULONG AddRef ()=0
 COM infrastructure, increments the reference count for this object. More...
virtual ULONG Release ()=0
 COM infrastructure, decrements the reference count for this object and eventually deletes it. More...

Detailed Description

Interface to a file transaction object.

Instances of classes supporting this interface can be created using IKpAPI::CreateInstanceEx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CommitWrite()

virtual BOOL IKpFileTransaction::CommitWrite ( )
pure virtual

Commit a file write transaction.

◆ OpenWrite()

virtual BOOL IKpFileTransaction::OpenWrite ( LPTSTR  lpOutBufferFilePath)
pure virtual

Begin a file write transaction.

lpOutBufferFilePathKeePass will copy the path of the file into this buffer (which should be able to hold at least MAX_PATH characters), to which you should write the data that should be written to the original file when committing.

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